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The documents found on this page speak only as of their respective dates of issuance, reflect management's views only as of such dates and are presented only for historical reference purposes. These documents contain information that was current on the date of issuance but that may no longer be current. In addition, these documents contain forward-looking statements that were and remain subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such statements. Readers should carefully check the dates of issuance of these documents and should not rely on their continued accuracy. We do not intend or undertake any obligation to update, correct or modify any of the information or statements contained in these documents to reflect events or circumstances that arise after their respective dates of issuance.

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Date Title
12/19/2000 Parker Enables Life-Support Systems on the International Space Station
12/06/2000 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Orders Trend
11/21/2000 Parker Hannifin Corporation Issues EUR 300 Million Five-Year Bonds at 6.25
11/15/2000 Parker Hannifin Corporation Prices EUR 300 Million Five-Year Bonds to Yield 6.25
11/06/2000 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Orders Trend
10/27/2000 Parker Hannifin Declares Cash Dividend
10/17/2000 Parker Reports Q1 Earnings of $1.09; 84 Cents After Unusual Items
09/18/2000 Parker to Expand Automation Offering in Invensys Pneumatics Purchase
09/15/2000 Parker Completes Sale of Irvine, Calif. Real Estate with Gain to be Offset by Additional Realignment Measures
08/18/2000 Parker Named One of the World's 100 Best-Managed Companies by IndustryWeek
08/11/2000 Parker Hannifin Elects Three Corporate Vice Presidents
08/08/2000 Parker Engages Advisors to Determine Strategic Alternatives for Wynn Oil
07/31/2000 Parker Q4 Earnings Up 22 Percent, EPS at 99 Cents Per Share, with Record Full-Year Sales and Earnings and a Positive Outlook for FY 2001
07/28/2000 Parker Hannifin Corp. Announces Acquisition of Atlantic Tubing
07/21/2000 Parker Completes Tender Offer for Wynn's International
07/13/2000 Parker Hannifin Declares Cash Dividend
07/11/2000 CapitalWorks, Keane & Parker form iPower Logistics to Move Leading Integrated Supply Network to the Web
07/10/2000 Parker Clears Hart-Scott-Rodino Review in Offer to Acquire Wynn's Shares
07/05/2000 Parker Hannifin: Making Waves for 'The Perfect Storm'
06/13/2000 Parker to Host Webcast Regarding Announcement of Parker Acquiring Wynn's International
06/13/2000 At Parker, Putting the Planet in Motion is All in a Day's Work
06/13/2000 Parker to Acquire Wynn's International in $497 Million Transaction
05/30/2000 Parker Hannifin Completes Acquisition of Whatman Industrial Business
04/26/2000 Parker Provides Revised Terms of Proration for Cash Election in Commercial Intertech Merger
04/25/2000 Parker Announces Terms of Proration for Cash Election in Commercial Intertech Merger
04/19/2000 Parker Agrees To Acquire Whatman Industrial Business
04/18/2000 Parker Posts New Third Quarter Records; Income Up 39.5 Percent; Sales Up 11 Percent; EPS of 97 Cents
04/14/2000 Parker Hannifin Expands E-Business Initiative with
04/13/2000 Parker Engages Advisors to Determine Strategic Alternatives for Commercial's Metal Forming and Astron Building Businesses
04/11/2000 Parker Hannifin Welcomes Commercial Intertech with Completion of Merger
04/06/2000 Parker Hannifin Declares Cash Dividend
03/14/2000 Parker - Commercial Intertech Merger Clears U.S. and German Regulatory Reviews
03/13/2000 Parker Features Dinosaur, Astronaut and 27 New High-Tech Solutions at National Design Engineering Show to Debunk the Myth that Manufacturing is 'Old Economy'
03/09/2000 Parker Acquires Gummi-Metall Seal Business in Germany
02/11/2000 Parker Announces Group Management Appointments
02/03/2000 Parker's Washkewicz Elected President and Chief Operating Officer
02/03/2000 Parker To Acquire Dana's Gresen Hydraulic Operations
01/31/2000 Parker Hannifin Declares Cash Dividend
01/18/2000 Statement: Parker Hannifin Says Reports of Job Cuts Are Not Accurate
01/18/2000 Parker Posts 18-Percent Increase in Fiscal Q2 Net Income; EPS of 68 Cents Strong Order Trends Continue for Favorable Full-Year Outlook
01/17/2000 Parker and Commercial Intertech Announce $366 Million Merger

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