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The documents found on this page speak only as of their respective dates of issuance, reflect management's views only as of such dates and are presented only for historical reference purposes. These documents contain information that was current on the date of issuance but that may no longer be current. In addition, these documents contain forward-looking statements that were and remain subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such statements. Readers should carefully check the dates of issuance of these documents and should not rely on their continued accuracy. We do not intend or undertake any obligation to update, correct or modify any of the information or statements contained in these documents to reflect events or circumstances that arise after their respective dates of issuance.

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Date Title
12/18/2003 Parker Takes Motion and Control Systems to New Heights
12/11/2003 Aerospace Leader Parker Hannifin Celebrates Aviation Legacy and Sponsors 'Kitty Hawk' Special to Air on Public Broadcasting System (PBS)
12/08/2003 Parker Hannifin and Denison International Sign Agreement for Parker to Acquire Denison Shares in a Cash Tender Offer of $24 Per Share
12/04/2003 Parker Continues as Strong Leader in Aerospace Industry
12/03/2003 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Orders Trend
11/21/2003 Parker Maintains Patented Technology Rights in Sale of Quick-Connect Couplings
11/20/2003 Parker Hannifin Acquires Aircraft Business of Control By Light Systems Corporation
11/20/2003 Parker Acquires Webb, Expanding Systems Offering to the Trucking Industry
11/13/2003 Parker Stars in Latest Epic Film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
11/11/2003 Parker Hannifin's Web Site Gets a Facelift
11/10/2003 Parker Hannifin to Present at Baird Industrial Technology Conference
11/07/2003 Parker to Post Supplemental Presentations on Web site from October 29 Investor Event
11/05/2003 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Orders Trend
11/03/2003 Parker Acquires T Squared Manufacturing Corporation, Expanding Systems Offering to Life Science Market
10/28/2003 Parker to Post October 29 Investor Presentations on Web Site
10/22/2003 Parker Names New Instrumentation Group President Roger Sherrard
10/22/2003 Parker Hannifin Declares Cash Dividend
10/22/2003 Parker Hannifin Recognized for Innovative Technology Practices by Two National Magazines
10/15/2003 Parker Earns 48 Cents For The Quarter With Improving Trend In Operating Margins
10/07/2003 Parker Presents its Newest Motion and Control Laboratory at Western Michigan
10/03/2003 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Orders Trend
09/25/2003 Parker Hannifin Opens 200th ParkerStore Location in U.S.
09/18/2003 Parker Announces New Leadership Posts for Banks, Kashkoush
09/05/2003 Parker Announces Expanded Assignments for top Executives
09/04/2003 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Orders Trend
09/03/2003 Parker Wins Fuel, Hydraulic & Flight Control Systems For China's ARJ21
08/07/2003 Parker Hannifin's First TV Ads Salute Engineers with Wry Humor
08/05/2003 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Orders Trend
07/29/2003 Clarification of Outlook Table Referenced in Parker Hannifin Corporation's Fourth Quarter Earnings Announcement
07/29/2003 Parker Profit Improves Despite Flat Sales; Cash Flow Remains Strong
07/18/2003 Parker Elects Craig Maxwell as VP of Technology & Innovation
07/17/2003 Parker Hannifin Declares Cash Dividend
07/07/2003 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Orders Trend
06/04/2003 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Orders Trend
06/02/2003 Parker Hannifin Recommends Rejection of 'Mini-Tender' Offer from TRC Capital
05/06/2003 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Orders Trend
04/17/2003 Parker Promotes Pam Huggins as Vice President and Treasurer
04/17/2003 Parker Hannifin Raises Annual Dividend for 47th Consecutive Year
04/15/2003 Notice of Parker Hannifin's Third-Quarter Conference Call
04/15/2003 Parker Quarterly Earnings & Outlook Remain Flat; Industrial Operating Income Rises
04/11/2003 Parker Acquires MTS Automation, Innovator in Digital Controls & Linear Motors
04/03/2003 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Orders Trend
04/02/2003 Parker Hannifin Demonstrates New Wireless Industrial Automation Applications at Hannover Fair
03/24/2003 Parker Announces Succession Plan for Chief Financial Officer
03/18/2003 Parker Reduces Near-Term Earnings Outlook
03/05/2003 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Orders Trend
02/18/2003 Parker Announces Succession Plan for Aerospace Group Leadership
02/05/2003 Parker Files $225 Million in 10-Year Notes While Cash Flow Remains Strong
02/05/2003 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Orders Trend
01/30/2003 Parker Hannifin Increases Quarterly Cash Dividend
01/16/2003 Benefiting from Realignment Efforts, Parker's Fiscal Q2 Net Income Rises 29 Percent
01/06/2003 Parker Hannifin Posts Monthly Order Trends

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