Exhibit 21 to Annual Report
on Form 10-K
for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2023
by Parker-Hannifin Corporation

Listed below are the significant subsidiaries of the Company and their jurisdictions of organization. All other subsidiaries, if considered in the aggregate as a single subsidiary, would not constitute a significant subsidiary. All of the following subsidiaries are either directly or indirectly wholly-owned by the Company.
Name of SubsidiaryState/Country of Organization
Meggitt Safety Systems, Inc.California
Meggitt (North Hollywood), Inc.California
Pacific Scientific CompanyCalifornia
NASCO Aircraft Brake, Inc.California
Winco Enterprises Inc.California
Parker-Hannifin International Corp.Delaware
Parker Intangibles LLCDelaware
Meggitt-USA, Inc.Delaware
Baldwin Filters, Inc.Delaware
LORD Technol, Inc.Delaware
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems CorporationDelaware
Meggitt (Rockmart), Inc.Delaware
Meggitt Holdings (USA) Inc.Delaware
Parker-Seahawk Acquisitions, LLCDelaware
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Kentucky CorporationDelaware
Meggitt (Troy), Inc.Delaware
Purolator Facet, Inc.Delaware
Parker Italy (PH Espana Holding) LLCDelaware
Parker Hannifin Filtration (Houston), LLCDelaware
Meggitt (Orange County), Inc.Delaware
Whittaker CorporationDelaware
OECO, LLCDelaware
Parker Royalty PartnershipOhio
Total Filtration Services, Inc.Ohio
PG Square LLCOhio
LORD CorporationPennsylvania
Mexico Perry Equipment, L.L.C.Texas
Exotic Metals Forming Company LLCWashington
Parker Hannifin Australia Holding Pty LimitedAustralia
Parker Hannifin (Australia) Pty. LimitedAustralia
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Holding Belgium SRLBelgium
Parker Hannifin Partner I GPBermuda
Parker Hannifin Partner II GPBermuda
Parker Hannifin Indústria e Comércio Ltda.Brazil
LORD Industrial Ltda.Brazil
Parker Hannifin CanadaCanada
Parker Hannifin Motion & Control (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (派克汉尼汾流体传动产品(上海)有限公司)China

Name of SubsidiaryState/Country of Organization
LORD International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.China
LORD Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.China
Meggitt (Xiamen) Sensors & Controls Co LtdChina
Weifang Parker Hannifin Filtration Products and Systems Co., Ltd. 潍坊派克汉尼汾过滤系统有限公司China
Parker Hannifin Hydraulics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 派克汉尼汾工业液压技术(上海)有限公司China
Parker Hannifin Motion & Control (Wuxi) Company Ltd (派克汉尼汾动力传动产品(无锡)有限公司)China
Parker Hannifin Hydraulics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd (派克汉尼汾液压(天津)有限公司)China
Parker Hannifin Fluid Power Systems & Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (派克汉尼汾液压系统(上海)有限公司)China
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Holding Czech Republic s.r.o.Czech Republic
Parker Hannifin Industrial s.r.o.Czech Republic
Parker-Hannifin s.r.o.Czech Republic
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Finland OyFinland
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing France SASFrance
Parker Hannifin France SASFrance
Artus S.A.S.France
Parker Hannifin France Holding SASFrance
Meggitt Holdings (France) SASFrance
Parker Hannifin GmbHGermany
Parker Hannifin Holding GmbHGermany
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Germany GmbH & Co. KGGermany
Parker Hannifin Switzerland Holdings LimitedGibraltar
Parker Hannifin (Gibraltar) Acquisitions LimitedGibraltar
Parker Hannifin Hong Kong, Ltd.Hong Kong
LORD Asia International LimitedHong Kong
Parker International Capital Management Hungary Limited Liability CompanyHungary
Parker Hannifin India Private Ltd.India
LORD India Private LimitedIndia
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing (Ireland) LimitedIreland
Parker Hannifin Italy S.R.L.Italy
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing srlItaly
Taiyo, Ltd.Japan
Parker Hannifin Japan Ltd.Japan
Parker Korea Ltd.Korea, Republic of
Parker Hannifin Connectors Ltd.Korea, Republic of
Lord Korea, Ltd.Korea, Republic of
Parker Hannifin Global Capital Management S.a.r.lLuxembourg
Parker Hannifin Holding EMEA S.a.r.l.Luxembourg
Parker Hannifin Luxembourg Investments 1 S.a.r.l.Luxembourg
Parker Hannifin Luxembourg Finance S.à r.l.Luxembourg
Parker Hannifin Lux FinCo S.a.r.l.Luxembourg
Parker Hannifin Luxembourg Acquisitions S.a.r.l.Luxembourg
Parker Hannifin Filtration Systems Sdn.Bhd.Malaysia
Parker Hannifin de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Parker Industrial, S. de R.L. de C.V.Mexico
Parker Hannifin Holding, S. de R.L. de C.V.Mexico

Name of SubsidiaryState/Country of Organization
Parker Hannifin Netherlands Holdings B.V.Netherlands
Lord Holdings (Asia) B.V.Netherlands
Parker Hannifin Netherlands Holdings 2 B.V.Netherlands
Parker Hannifin (Clarcor Filtration) Holding B.V.Netherlands
Parker Hannifin B.V.Netherlands
LORD Europe B.V.Netherlands
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Netherlands B.V.Netherlands
Parker Hannifin (Norway) Holdings ASNorway
Parker Hannifin Singapore Private LimitedSingapore
Parker Hannifin Cartera Industrial S.L.Spain
Parker Hannifin Industries and Assets Holding S.L.Spain
Parker Hannifin Italy srl Sucursal en EspanaSpain
Parker Hannifin AktiebolagSweden
Parker Hannifin Sweden Holding Co ABSweden
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Sweden ABSweden
Meggitt SASwitzerland
PH Swiss Investments SàrlSwitzerland
Parker Hannifin EMEA S.a. r.l.Switzerland
Parker Hannifin La Tuilière SàrlSwitzerland
LORD Suisse SarlSwitzerland
LORD (Thailand) Ltd.Thailand
Meggitt International LimitedUnited Kingdom
Meggitt Finance LimitedUnited Kingdom
Meggitt Aerospace LimitedUnited Kingdom
Parker Hannifin (Holdings) LimitedUnited Kingdom
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing LimitedUnited Kingdom
Parker Hannifin LimitedUnited Kingdom
Meggitt (UK) LimitedUnited Kingdom
Meggitt International Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
Meggitt LimitedUnited Kingdom
Meggitt Properties LimitedUnited Kingdom
Dunlop Aerospace Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
Meggitt Aerospace Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
Dunlop Aerospace Group LimitedUnited Kingdom
Meggitt Acquisition LimitedUnited Kingdom
Dunlop LimitedUnited Kingdom
Dunlop Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
Parker Hannifin (GB) LimitedUnited Kingdom
Domnick Hunter Group LimitedUnited Kingdom
Alenco (Holdings) LimitedUnited Kingdom
Dunlop Aerospace Overseas LimitedUnited Kingdom
Altair (UK) Limited United Kingdom
Parker Hannifin Industries LimitedUnited Kingdom
Cavehurst LimitedUnited Kingdom
Olaer Group LimitedUnited Kingdom
Meggitt Advanced Composites LimitedUnited Kingdom
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing (UK) LimitedUnited Kingdom

Name of SubsidiaryState/Country of Organization
SSD Drives LimitedUnited Kingdom
Commercial Intertech Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
President Engineering Group LimitedUnited Kingdom
Meggitt (Vietnam) Co., LtdVietnam