When Was Parker Hannifin Corporation Incorporated?

December 30, 1938

When Was Parker Stock First Traded On The New York Stock Exchange?

December 9, 1964

How Many Stock Splits Have There Been On Parker Common Stock?

Splits are as follows:

2-for-1 – 2/24/59
3-for-2 – 2/26/62
4-for-3 – 10/9/64
3-for-2 – 4/28/72
3-for-2 – 5/13/77
3-for-2 – 9/4/81
3-for-2 – 6/6/86
3-for-2 – 6/2/95
3-for-2 – 9/5/97
3-for-2 - 10/1/07

Can You Purchase Stock Directly From Parker?

Not at this time

Does Parker Have A Stock Purchase And Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)?

Yes, all of Parker's shareholders and Employees are eligible to participate in the DRIP.

Click here to view a brochure on the DRIP (including FAQ's and a copy of the DRIP).

Click here for an enrollment form for a shareholder wishing to participate.

Click here for an enrollment form for a Parker employee authorizing payroll deductions to participate.

If you have any questions regarding the brochures or the enrollment forms, please contact Equiniti Trust Company Shareowner Services at 1-800-468-9716.

When Is The Next Shareholder’s Meeting?

The shareholder’s meeting is held every year on the fourth Wednesday of October.